“An inspiring journey to initiate change in Indian education system…”

Sri Chaitanya is born out of the intensified mission of Dr. Boppana Satyanarayana Rao and his wife Dr. Jhansi Laxmi Bai. This pathfinder journey was initiated in 1986, with the inception of Girls’ Jr. College at Vijayawada.

From 1986, it commenced showing a new face in education system in Andhra Pradesh. Since, then the uptrend continued giving academic wings to the students by introducing innovative and world-class learning methodologies in +1, +2, there by preparing students for IIT and NEET exams. It marked its flagship in the very first year by achieving ranks below 10.

Sri Chaitanya, has become No. 1 choice for students and parents in India and its journey is unstoppable. It opened a fresh chapter in the education system and revolutionized in achieving milestones

“The rise of the institution… ”

Understanding the thirst of every student, Sri Chaitanya started expanding its branches after 9 years of inception and spread its wings in many places in India.

They started it small, but their vision and fame extended it to 300 branches across India. Following the trend in teaching methodologies, it takes the credit of producing the world nearly 80,000 Doctors and 10,00,000 Engineers.

Advent of Techno Schools…

Following the footsteps of her father Ms. Seema Boppana, took an oath to create an advanced learning environment. The futuristic thoughts of her, made to redesign the curricula to meet the modern era. This led for introducing the Integrated Syllabus for classes 6-10, which laid strong foundation for students facing the Entrance Examinations

Her intensified thoughts…

In 2008, she translated her dream of Modern Schools into reality by initiating “Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools.”

The Techno Schools has gained hallmark in less than no time, with proven results because of the Integrated Syllabus for the classes 6-10. It started with 5 schools and now they have extended to more than 500 branches across 7 states in India.

Induction of “Mavericks Program” in pre-school education

A scientifically proven approach that created records…

Being graduated in Science, Ms. Seema had deep thoughts about the development of child’s brain. From these studies she observed that “child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three producing 700 new neural connections every second. It also acknowledged that maximum human brain development happens between the conception of six years of age.”

Based on these facts from brain sciences, Ms. Seema along with her R&D team developed a strong desire that a small child can assimilate more than 125 trillion facts, which paved for “Creating a Child Prodigy.” All these are derived to induce “Mavericks Program” in pre-school education in 2018.

This was highly successful and the fame has set world record ‘100 tiny tots aged between 3 and 5 years and yet in their KG classes, named 100 countries with their capital cities, recognising 100 maps at once right in front of the judges.’

After receiving the huge success and most appreciations from all over states in India. Many of them approached us asking for the similar program for middle and higher school students.

This paved a perfect path for “creating new steps for futuristic education.”

Future Pathways - the New Generation Global Schools

Future pathways, is designed with an unmatched array of features which makes every child to become exceptional in all walks of life with Global exposure by offering international curriculum and preparing them for multiple Career opportunities based on their interest, skills and capabilities. To broaden young minds and nurture creativity among students we provide rich learning experiences to unlock and discover the genius within our students. Advanced Brainology – Powered by Mavericks is the approach that we follow in our Future Pathways.